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M R .   M A R T I N   A N D   H I  S   B I G    H O R N S     


01 Dead End Street 3:25
02 Shane 5:09
03 Beaten and Haunted 4:46
04 My Home 4:10
05 Abe Landon 3:42
06 You Made It Rain 4:44
07 Axeman 3:20
08 Creeping Crawlies 3:51
09 Shoe Shine Willie 4:34
10 Crow Town Blues 2:55
11 Boom Boom Room 2:59


Stig Martinsen - guitar, vocals
Yngvar Pettersen - keyboards
Terje Andersen  - bass, vocals
Geir Pettersen - drums
Espen Christoffersen - trumpet
Frode Engan - sax
Andreas Stene Pettersen - trombone

Cover Mr. Martin And His Big Horns - Bea

Mr. Martin And His Big Horns (NORWAY)
"Beaten And Haunted"
Self released - 2019


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Former drummer Stig Martinsen, from the Norwegian city of Moss, has forty years of musical career behind him, from his beginnings in the 70's playing drums in different bands around until he decided to take the guitar and put himself in front of his own business. Over the years Martinsen has led several bands and currently shares the Big Horns with the Moss Blues Trio, acoustic blues project together with Richard Gjems and Jan Christian Gjems and with a 2016 album released called "Don't Sell It Don't Give It Away". In this second and last album of the band "Beaten And Haunted" it is clear once again that these guys are pure high-voltage rhythm'n'blues, Martinsen on the guitar is always in the right place and the horn section fly high throughout the recording . A good song collection to have fun.


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