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Cover Mojo Buford - Mojo Workin'.jpg

Release date: June 5, 2020

Mojo Buford  (USA)
"Mojo Workin'"
Americana Anthropology  - 2020

Mojo Buford - harmonica, vocals
Lazy Bill Lucas -  piano
Bruce Pedalty -  keyboards
Lonnie Knight -  guitar 
Larry Hoffman -  bass
Greg Hammel - drums 
Bill Gent -  drums

01 Help Me 4:40
02 Blues Is a Botheration 4:54
03 Lost Love 3:59
04 Deep Sea Diver 5:22
05 Love Without Jealousy 2:50
06 Rag Picker's Blues 4:19
07 Got My Mojo Working 4:13
08 Stingin' Bee Blues 2:18

Recorded September 11, November 20, December 9, 1969, January 1970 at Micside Recording Studios. Minneapolis, MN. USA MN


The legacy of George "Mojo" Buford (1929-2011) is a necessary and essential baggage for those who are willing to penetrate every corner of modern blues. His time in the Muddy Waters band along different periods taking over from Little Walter in 1959 and James Cotton in 1967, is only part of his life story. This session, held in Minneapolis in late 1969, has remained in a drawer until now, recovered as a historical piece of the Chicago harmonica player and a testament to all his greatness.

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