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global blues rock

01 Let’s Try Some Blues 4:11
02 Bailey’s Blue 3:07
03 Everybody Knows Your Name 5:06
04 Backroads 4:10
05 How Many Blues 4:51
06 Sea Of Blues 3:29
07 12 Bars Blue 3:54
08 Sweet Devilish Style 3:40
09 I Know Blues 3:47
10 Use Me 4:26

Marty Straub 
"Let's Try Some Blues"
Babu Music - 2021

Marty Straub - bass, vocals
Dave Bell - guitar, drums programing
Christiane Spruit - piano
Band in A Box Arrangements
Cakewalk Software

Cover Marty Straub - Let's Try Some Blue
Marty Straub - Let's Try Some Blues
00:00 / 40:41
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blue attitude discography

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marty straub Blue Attitude 2019.jpg
marty straub Blue Attitude 2016.jpg
marty straub Blue Attitude 2017.jpg
marty straub Blue Attitude 2020.jpg
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An interesting man. Musician, photographer, visual art book author and above all an eclectic artist. In music since the early 60s, his work has been hidden behind others, with an internet presence almost since its appearance, Marty Straub has been quietly wandering the avatar of American music culture. It was not until 2015 that he joined his bass and voice to the guitar of Dave Bell's and the piano of Christiane Spruit to form Blue Attitude, a blues rock band only for restless ears, having recorded five albums, the last one this year 2021. By his name , but with the participation of his two colleagues, he has just released "Let's Try Some Blues" self-released under his own Babu Music, a conscientious work, very interesting compositions, some frenetic guitars, all wrapped up with various software kits. The result is as interesting as it's innovative, although, once again, the impact may not be deserved, but there it will remain as a work for open and intelligent minds.


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