Mark Hummel

 Spiritualized Harmonica


Mark Hummel - harmonica, vocals
John Beard - guitar, vocals (Tracks 14,15,16)
Aaron Hammerman - Piano (Track 1), vocals (Track 11)
Dave Eagle - percussion (Tracks 1 to 13)
R.W. Grigsby - bass (Track 1)
Kid Andersen - bass (Tracks 2 to 7,10,12 to 16)
Bill Flynn - guitar (Tracks 2,3,4,6 to 10,12,13)
Rusty Zinn - guitar (Track 1)
Alex Pettersen - drums (Track 14)

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01 Flim Flam 3:32
02 Hello Stranger 3:38
03 So Much Trouble 3:32
04 Cut That Out 4:06
05 Road Dog 4:28
06 Play with Your Poodle 3:15
07 Breathtaking Blues 3:16
08 Crazy About You 3:50
09 Pepper Mama 4:58
10 Gillum's Windy Blues 3:20
11 Rag Mama Rag 3:50
12 Good Gal 3:19
13 Reefer Head Woman 2:56
14 Five Long Years 4:10
15 Say You Will 2:42
16 Mean Old Frisco 3:14

Mark Hummel (USA)
"Wayback Machine"
Electro-Fi Records 3459

Cover Mark Hummel - Wayback Machine.jpg

Selected Songs - 8 Tracks -

Produced by Mark Hummel

F    U    L    L         D    I    S    C    O    G    R   A    P    H    Y


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True living blues legend, Mark Hummel, born in New Haven (CT) in 1955 and raised in Los Angeles (CA), is maybe along with bright stars such as  William Clarke or James Harman the most important and decisive west-coast harmonica player emerged in that area since 1970. With more than twenty albums by his nown and a relentless presence on the road  he's - at sixty-four - an icon for blues music in the United States. "Wayback Machine", released by the label that has been his home for years Electro-Fi Records, is a celebration of blues, the presence of Hummel's ubiquitous harmonica is transported by a team of select musicians, Kid Andersen, Billy Flynn or Joe Beard among others, together they shape this unsurpassed blues album with capital letters made by true masters.