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Luca Lionetti

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Luca Lionetti - guitar, vocals
Claudio Marchesano - keyboards
Leonardo Castagna - bass
Pierfrancesco Elia - drums
Gianluca Chiarello - sax


01. Scuttle Buttin' 1:55
02. Pride and Joy 3:37
03. Texas Flood 5:23
04. Mary Had a Little Lamb 2:46
05. Love Struck Baby 2:30
06. Tightrope 4:26
07. Leave My Little Girl Alone 4:47
08. Look at Little Sister 3:06
09. Couldn't Stand the Water 4:37
10. Wall of Denial 4:53
11. Empty Arms 3:26
12. Riviera Paradise 9:04

Luca Lionetti (Italy)
"SRV - Real Tribute at Stevie Ray Vaughan"
Self Released - 2019

Cover Luca Lionetti - Real Tribute At St


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Born in 1983, in the wonderful south of Italy, the young guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter Luca Lionetti has just released his first album and has dedicated it completely to his idol, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Luca began his fondness for the blues being still a child until he founded his first musical ensemble in 2006. After years of playing and composing - he has also produced a tribute album to Robert Johnson - Lionetti has decided to self produce his first recording and to complete twelve approaches to Vaughan's music without any pretension but also without any qualms about confronting them with determination and more than good results. We are not in front another guitar-killer attacking once again the Vaughan's classics, Luca is a guitarist with an enveloping sensibility and delicacy, his technique in solos does not seek speed or spectacularity, it's always shown with a content style in favor of more originality and some surprises for the listener. Luca Lionetti, from Italy, has surprised with one of the most successful reivindictive albums of Stevie Ray Vaughan's music. We will have to wait for the first work with original songs.