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los villanos blues band

the dream was to play the blues

Los Villanos Blues Band (Mexico)
"Got the Blues ? - The Villain Cut" 
SDL Productions - 2020


Javier Villaseñor - guitar
Abraham Villaseñor - guitar
Víctor Romero - bass 
Iván Ramírez - drums
Genaro Palacios - guitar
Christian Jimenez - keyboards 
Eduardo Melgar - guitar
Tania Serrano - vocals
Emiliano Juarez - guitar
Valeria Vivanco - vocals 
Erik Kasten - guitar
Klaus Mayer - sax

los villanos blues band 2.png


01 Needles 04:31
02 Song for Ruben 09:11
03 Juke Joint 02:31
04 White Nights 04:54
05 Genaro's Blues 05:32
06 Some Day 06:17
07 V Funk 04:13
08 Try Again 04:23
09 If You Wanna Rock 04:51
10 White Nights 04:47

Release date: November 20, 2020

Los Villanos Blues Band - The Villan Cut
00:00 / 51:13
Cover Los Villanos Blues Band - Got The

P R E V I O U S   R E L E A S E S

los villanos blues band 2017.png


los villanos blues band 2018 (EP).png

2018 (EP)



N     A     R     A     N     J     I     T     O           B     L     U     E     S

los villanos blues band naranjito demo 2


los villanos blues band naranjito UNO 20


los villanos blues band naranjito UNO me


los villanos blues band naranjito dos 20


Two brothers from Mexico. Two guitarists. Two young lovers of the blues with devotion. A dream come true. With minus tradition in blues music, the central american country does not resist going unnoticed among fans of the twelve bars. Javier and Abraham Villaseñor, from the Mexican city of Guadalajara, are the reality that confirms that the blues is alive and in excellent health on the other side of the border. Bands like Los Lobos had to cross it and Ry Cooder made Flaco Jimenez known to everyone. Los Villanos Blues Band was born in 2007 with the name of Naranjito Blues starting a long and conscientious journey to put on the map an unusual music between mariachis, corridos and rancheras with three tremendously good albums. There is no trick in their proposal, two exceptional guitarists wanting to play the blues and nothing else. In 2020 they have just released a documentary and album with the title "Got The Blues? - The Villain Cut" with which you can check their powerful presence as well as their magnificent strength and soul to overcome any presumption of ambiguity in their music. It really is just blues music.


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