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Loopahead (Germany)
"Approaches JJ Cale"
L+R Records  DLR-583221

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Udo Lumer - guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Paul-Gerhard Lange - bass, vocals
Uli Twelker - drums, percussion, vocals
Michael Phol - Technics

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01 Roll On 02:55    
02 All Mama's Children 02:46    
03 Anyway The Wind Blows 02:54    
04 Cajun Moon 03:27    
05 Chasing You 02:55    
06 Crazy Mama 03:04    
07 Everlovin' Woman     02:30    
08 Since You Said Goodbye 03:08    
09 Guess I Lose    02:44    
10 Jailer 02:38    
11 Long About Sundown    03:21    
12 Lou-Easy-Ann 02:34    
13 Ride The River 03:11    
14 If I Had A Rocket 03:17    
15 Rock And Roll Records [2020] 02:09    
16 Sensitive Kind 03:47    
17 Don't Go To Strangers    02:46    
18 Waymore's Blues 02:47


p  r  e  v  i  o  u  s     a  l  b  u  m  s

Loopahead - Aproaches JJ Cale
00:00 / 53:31
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Based in the German city of Bielefeld, the history of Loopahead dates back to 2014 when Udo Lummer (guitar, keyboards, harmonica and vocals) and Paul-Gerhard Lange (bassist and singer), veteran and seasoned musicians in music since the early sixties, they decided to create this musical project by putting theirJazz, R&B, Pop, Rock and  Blues music roots on the table, using the looping technology to record live their own concerns. After Uli Twelker on drums and Michael Phol on buttons joined them, they have just released this tribute to the songbook by JJ Cale, an excellent update of the Oklahoma troubadour who passed in 2013, leaving for the listener the lucidity of knowing how to find in this collection of songs both the indispensable work of Cale and the modernity of his staging on the contemporary music scene. Eighteen generous songs to enjoy once again, this time with new colors, from one of the greatest American songwriters of the 20th century by the hand of some magnificent and inspired musicians.


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