C H I C A G O   T R U E   B L U E S M A N

Linsey Alexander
"Live at Rosa's"
Delmark Records DE-862 - 2020

Cover Linsey Alexander - Live At Rosas's


Linsey Alexander - guitar, vocals
Sergei Androshin - guitar
Roosvelt Purifoy - keyboards
Ron Simmons - bass
"Big" Ray Stewart - drums


01 I Was In Love With You 4:51
02 My Days Are So Long 3:16
03 Have You Ever Loved A Woman 8:48
04 I Got A Woman 5:35
05 Goin’ Out Walkin’ 4:38
06 Somethin’ ‘Bout ‘Cha 5:37
07 Snowing In Chicago 4:40
08 Ships On The Ocean 8:35
09 Going Back To My Old Time Used To Be 5:03

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 Born in Mississippi in 1942, electric guitarist Linsey Alexander soon came to Chicago from the city of Memphis where he grew up, and quickly recognized the North and South Side clubs as the places where he would develop his particular unmistakable funky style with the guitar and his rough and deep vocal licks. Since then, Linsey has been respected as a reputable and charismatic bluesman by fans from anywhere. His popularity was reaffirmed when in 2012 he joined the fireproof Delmark Records family, with whom he has recorded four albums, the last one the recently released "Live At Rosa's", a live album to make justice to one of the greats still active and better than ever.


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