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P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     A  L  B  U  M   S

It's easy to turn to Janis Joplin to identify the music of Layla Zoe, but who knows her grooves can affirm that this woman from Vancouver (Canada) goes beyond the inspiration that she evidently received from the iconic Texan singer. Her vocal power resides in building a new song every time he performs it, in the strength and sincere conviction to attack it as well as his personal style in each vocal riff that her talent and originality put to the test in each performance. Since the beginning of that past decade, Layla Zoe has recorded twelve albums, and since 2016 by the hands of Ruf Records, her entry into the international circuit has allowed her to tour stages around the world with her powerful style halfway between blues, soul and rock. Layla Zoe is without a doubt the most energetic singer of her young generation.

Cover Layla Zoe - Retrospective Tour 201
Cover Layla Zoe - Retrospective Tour 201

Layla Zoe (Canada)
"Retrospective Tour 2019"
Self Released - 2020

Layla Zoe – vocals,harmonica
Krissy Matthews – guitar, backing vocals
Paul Jobson – bass, organ, backing vocals
Frank Duindam – drums, backing vocals

01. She didn’t believe 5:40
02. Leave you for good 7:52
03. Someday 6:34
04. Don’t wanna hurt nobod 6:46
05. Never met a man like you 11:24
06. Little sister 8:52
07. Black oil 8:21
08. Backstage queen 5:51
09. Weakness 6:20
10. Bitch with the head of red 8:08
11. Ghost train 6:48
12. Hippie chick 12:35
13. Shall be released 12:20