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Texas in funk

Cover Larry Lampkin - Funky Blues

Larry Lampkin (USA)
"Funky Blues Man"
Kaint Kwit Records- 2020

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Larry Lampkin- guitar, vocals
Joe "Kat Daddy" McClure - bass
James Lowder - drums
Christian Dorn - drums (Tracks 1,2,4) 
Steve Ford - piano, organ
Richard Corsey - organ (Track 1)
Lewis Fluellen - organ (Track 7) 
Harold "The Bear" Grigsby - piano (Track 8)
Jimmy "Speedo Harmonica" Jones - harmonica (Track 3)


01. Funky Blues Man 3:34
02. Love The One You Love 4:02
03. Weekend Blues Party 3:43
04. Let Our Love Flow 4:24
05. Jinx 3:14
06. The Good Old Days 3:17
07. Love Of Your Life 3:21
08. Stuck In A Situation 3:44
09. Eleanor 3:42
10.Looking So Good 3:52


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Larry Lampkin is a prodigious talent musician. Originally from Fort Worth (TX), this young artist shows himself to the audience as a composer, singer, guitarist and producer, reaching in each of his facets an originality and skill as modern as unsuspected. With four albums by his own, the first was RELEASED in 2011, he has made a place for himself in the professional U.S. blues circuit, and with this latest album "Funky Blues Man" should undoubtedly place him at the level of other guitarists/composers of his generation, as well as at the top of the rankings that quote blues music. With the lessons that he learned from his neighbor UP Wilson in his teens, Lampkin grew up in bands like those of Vernon Garret or Andrew Jr.Boy Jones, to finally start his own career at the beginning of this decade, reaching until today with the edition of his fourth album and a future that should not only be promising but should also confirm a necessary and fundamental bluesman for contemporary blues. Maybe I will recognize this album as one of the best this year.


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