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Lady A

The Original Lady

Blues and Gospel Singer

Release date: July 18, 2020

Lady A - "Live In New Orleans"

Lady A  (USA)
"Live In New Orleans"
Self Released - 2020

Lady A - vocals
John Oliver III drums 
Roz Royster McCommon - vocals 
Paul Richardson - keyboards 
Dexter Allen - guitar, vocals

01 Bluez in the Key of Me 4:37
02 Good Music Good Gumbo & All My Good Friends 5:05
03 I Get So Blu 4:48
04 Cabbage'n'Cornbread 6:02
05 Honey Hush (Tribute to Miss Elnora)4:21
06 If You Don't Want It - Don't Waste It 3:46
07 Do You Wanna Ride 3:39
08 Doin Fine 4:43
09 Tryin to Get Over 5:33
10 That Man 5:04
11 Roof Ova My Head 2:43
12 Throw Down 2:31
13 Take Me Back to Seattle 4:19

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1958 Seattle born Anita White, known in music as Lady A since the mid-90s who started as a back up singer in various bands, is one of those singers who should appear among the best contemporary blues female voices. A proactive social activist, her vocal energy and her mere presence emanate a power of immediate empathy towards the listener. Robust and educated, Lady A's voice stands out above all else, shaping a style as inspired and natural as persuasive that invites the public to celebrate her particular ritual of gospel, soul, funk and of course the blues. A superlative singer.

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