La Bedoune

Any colour you like

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01 Let It Down 3:13
02 Silly Girl 3:30
03 My Dog, My Cat and Myself 3:13
04 Cecile's Blues 3:30
05 Don't Wanna Work 2:51
06 On the Sunny Side of the Street 2:56
07 And Time Goes By 4:18
08 Keyword Nevermind 3:47
09 Baby Boy 2:46
10 We Are Done 3:21

Cecile Perfetti - vocals, bass, ukelele, tamborine
Greg Perfetti - guitar, drums, ukelele

La Bedoune (France)
"La Bedoune"
Self Released - 2020


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2019 IBC's semifinalist in the acoustic duo category, La Bedoune, from the Tolouse area (France), propose us in their second album a timeless journey through the blues and soul music, both condensed as an American roots music experience. Exquisite and elegant musicians, Cecile and Greg Perfetti combine the instruments in perfect harmony and conviction, guitars, ukuleles, acoustic bass and percussions are enough for these music sculptors where the sophisticated voice of Cecile and the guitar chords of his partner stand out for his beauty and originality. It's a quiet album to listen to without haste.