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Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - keyboards, vocals
Yuji Ihara - guitar
Russell Jackson - bass 
Joey DiMarco - drums. 
Jerry Cook - sax
Vince Mai - trumpet
Sherman Doucette - harmonica
Barry Sharbo - tambourine
Diane Schuur - piano, vocals (Track 4)
Julie Masi - backing vocals (Track 2)
Cory Spruell -vocals (Track 7)
Dawn Watson - vocals (Track 1, 5)

Cover Kenny Blues Bosss Wayne - Go Just'


01 Just Do It! (3:46)
02 You Did A Number On Me (3:23)
03 Sittin' In My Rockin' Chair (5:52)
04 You're In For A Big Surprise (5:17)
05 Sorry Ain't Good Enough (3:01)
06 Motor Mouth Woman (3:09)
07 I Don't Want To Be The President (3:37)
08 Lost & Found (4:58)
09 They Call Me The Breeze (2:47)
10 Bumpin' Down The Highway (3:56)
11 That's The Way She Is (6:03)
12 T & P Train 400 (3:24)
13 Let The Rock, Roll (2:14)

Kenny Blues Boss Wayne - Go Just Do It !
00:00 / 51:27
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Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne (USA) 
"Go, Just Do It!"
Stony Plain Records - 2020

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1944 born in the Washington area and relocated as an artist in Canada during the 1980s, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne is the last of boogie, blues and rock'n'roll pianists in active today. At 76, He still beeing on the front line on stage while in the studio he continues with his unalterable vitality and authenticity that has led him to be considered an authentic keyboard legend. "Go, Just Do It" is his eleventh solo album and it's a real joy, with an impeccable back band and thirteen songs that leave the listener fully satisfied with the listening. You really can't ask for more from an artist like the boss of the blues.


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