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Release date: July 17, 2020

Cover Kaz Hawkins - Memories Of.png

Kaz Hawkins (Northern Ireland)
"Memories Of"
Self Released - 2020

Kaz Hawkins - vocals, background vocals
Wayne Proctor - drums, percussion
Alex Phillips - bass
Stef Paglia - guitar
Sam York - keyboards
Richard Beesley - sax
Bryan Corbett - trumpet, trombone
Sarah Huson-Whyte - cello
Clair Stanley - violin

01 Something's Got A Hold On Me 03:45
02 Miss Pitiful 03:25
03 Losers Weepers 03:28
04 Security 03:19
05 Spoonful 04:44
06 Tell Mama 03:46
07 Blind Girl 05:39
08 St Louis Blues 03:51
09 I Just Wanna Make Love To You 04:02
10 At Last 05:40

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Memories of Etta


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kaz hawkins 2016.png

( N  O   C  O  M  P  I  L  A  T  I  O  N  S )


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kaz hawkins 2018.jpg

P          R          E          V          I          O          U          S                    R          E          L          E          A          S          E          S

A portentous female singer. Discovering Kaz Hawkins for the first time makes you face one of those privileged occasions that music gives you a few times in your life. A fighting woman, who takes each song as far as her experience as a survivor has allowed her to get there. Born in Belfast (North Ireland) in 1973, she has been in music for more than twenty years,  released her first album in 2014 and as duo or full band format she has built a reputation that today is consolidated as the most irresistible and capable blues vocalist in Europe. Her vocal power is at the service of each phrasing, sweet in the harmony and intense when pain is narrated in a close way. Last year she released her new band, and she did it at the french Cognac Blues Passions Festival with a tribute to the blues-diva Etta James, her greatest influence as a singer. The success of the show has led her to bring the experience into the studio recording, and the result is the self-released album "Memories Of", where she turns into masterpieces not only the covers of Etta James but the approaches to the music of Willie Dixon and  Otis Redding as well as the majestic performance of WC Handy's "St. Louis Blues". From France, her current residence, Kaz Hawkins appeals to all those who seek freedom of the soul in the emotion of the songs, it's as simple as real.


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