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01 The Keys 4:05
02 Rise & Shine 3:25
03 Little Melody 3:41
04 Beautiful Feeling 4:03
05 Love Won't Run Out 3:05
06 Redcliffe 2:49
07 Simple Road 3:29
08 Waltzing Matilda 3:54


09 Superheroes 3:09
10 Caloundra 1:57
11 The Line 3:18
12 Gentle Ways 4:08
13 Be Love 4:12
14 Jamming 2:05
15 La La 5:06
16 Keep Life Simple 1:04
17 One Man Band 6:07



Juzzie Smith (Australia)
Self Released - 2020

P R E V I O U S   A L B U M S


Juzzie Smith - vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion 




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Juzzie Smith 2012.jpg
Juzzie Smith 2010.jpg

Street corners, squares and avenues, parks, small clubs and dance halls, big cities and lost towns, all are places where you can find playing Juzzie Smith, harmonica player from Byron Bay, Australia. From north to south, from the east to the west, Juzzie has traveled the country with his family on board the bus that he made his home in 2003, playing to pay for gasoline and continue traveling until the next performance. Musician who plays all instruments, this one-man-band represents nomadism in music in a way as pure as irreverent, original songs from folk and blues hidden behind the genius of the author, absorbing and enveloping like the old tunes of old songsters and committed storytellers. Listening to the stories of Juzzie Smith is like going back to the roots, letting yourself be carried away by his imagination and incisive character while tell us about his peculiar way of understanding life on the road and his sincere way of telling it. It's a challenge to the most committed legitimacy seekers


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