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Juraj Schweigert
The Groove Time 

illustrated harmonica

Cover Juraj Schweigert & The Groove Time

Juraj Schweigert & The Groove Time (Slovak Republic)
"Spin Off"
Self Released - 2021

Release date: february 7, 2021

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Juraj Schweigert - harmonica, vocals
Zsolt Szitási - guitar
Matej Štubniak- bass
Juraj Raši- drums
+ guest:
Tibor Feledi – B3
Lenka Molčanyiová – sax
Michal Cálik - trumpet
Richard Šanda - trombone
Stanislav Palúch – violin 
Richard Ciferský – banjo
Dominika Debnárová - vocals


01 Nobody's Talkin' 5:23
02 Spin-Off 4:08
03 Every Four Seconds 3:58
04 Stay with Me 4:50
05 She's Right 4:52
06 Straight Back 4:20
07 Gruvgrass 5:25
08 Shoelaced 4:56
09 Fix Me Up 5:37
10 Miss Chief 4:34
11 Drivin' Home 3:27

Juraj Schweigert - Spin Off
00:00 / 51:30


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From Bratislava (Republic of Slovakia), Juraj Schweigert with his band The Groove Time comes to meet us. Complete harmonicist, as virtuous and eclectic as innovative, his music emerges from the energetic and carefree blues that we can find in the west-coast style, to slide into other forms and structures, from jazz and soul to the most energetic funk, hot reggae, country music or even being caressed by latin sounds. Impeccable with the instrument, he began his career at the beginning of this decade being awarded in 2012 for the first time as best blues musician in his country and representing Slovakia in the 2016 edition of the European Blues Challenge. In 2015 he had recorded his first album called "Novelty Shop" and five years later he has just released this second studio work where he summarizes his background with eleven songs perfectly furnished and with which he makes clear the plurality of registers that he is capable of. An unapologetic high note.


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