junior watson

Splendid Junior !


Junioir Watson - guitar, vocas
Sax Gordon - sax
Jim Pugh - piano, organ
Kedar Roy - bass
Andrew Guterman - drums
Lis Leuschner Andersen - vocals
Akabama Mike - vocals (Tracks 5.8)
Gary Smith - harmonica

Produced by Junior Watson & Kid Andersen

Cover Junior Watson Nothin' To It But To

Junior Watson (USA)
"Nothin' To It But To Do It"
Little Village Foundation



01 Up And Out 3:20
02 Don't Freeze Me Out 3:12

03 Louella 4:20
04 Caravan 3:27

05 A Shot In The Dark 5:13
06 Whole Lot Of Lovin' 3:13
07 Summer Love 2:50

08 That's Tough 3:37
09 One Way Street 3:08
10 Well, You Know 3:54

11 Space Flight 2:35
12 I Found You 3:53
13 So Glad She's Mine 2:18

14 The Pee Wee Classic 3:23
15 You're Gonna Need Me Before I Need You 3:09

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- 8 tracks -


What can be added to the biography of Junior Watson (Michael Watson) that can add something new and interesting? Well, this album. Undisputed guitarist of the West Coast blues, Watson has been the musician with more presence as a session-man in countless recordings for artists who have claimed without hesitation his contributiion in their albums. Founder in the early 80's and ten years on the road with The Mighty Flyers of Rod Piazza as well as his passage through Canned Heat and make some tours with them in the early 90's, he was put on high and, despite having published only five albums by his own, Junior Watson can be considered a living legend. "Nothin To It But To Do It" is their fifth album, produced by Watson himself and the multi-talented Kid Andersen, is a joy from start to finish with the essential contribution of Sax Gordon and Jim Pugh both rounding up the work of an exceptional band . I can't expect better news from Junior Watson than this record.


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