jonathan doyle and joel paterson 

memories in privacy


Jonathan Doyle - clarinet 
Joel Paterson - guitar 


01 When You and I Were Young, Maggie 2:21
02 That Jaybird Strut 2:13
03 Careless Love 3:40
04 The Road Is Leaving Blues 2:58
05 Black Cat Prowl 3:08
06 Dallas Blues 2:18
07 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning 2:13
08 East Tennessee Blues 2:24
09 Can't Nobody Change My Mind 3:23
10 Little Bear Ramble 2:20
11 Talkin' in Circles 2:16
12 Let Me Call You Sweetheart 1:54
13 Another Someday Blues 3:22

Cover - Jonathan Doyle & Joel Paterson -

Jonathan Doyle & Joel Paterson (USA)
"Another Someday Blues

(Acoustic Duets From Chicago)"
Prince Harles Records - 2020

You only need to find some time alone. Take what you need, relax, settle on your favorite sofa, and be ready to listen to this album. As in a journey through the time, these two reputed and tremendously good musicians, will improvise the necessary notes to fly with swing winds to the New Orleans of the 30's, they will almost timidly transport your memory to the blues of Benny Godman, and sigh that in any moment the voice of Bessie Smith joins the band. Recorded in a single take at the end of last year, Jonathan Doyle & Joel Paterson let themselves go freely without any preconceived form, and tell a musical tale of simplicity and irresistible depth at the same time. Both enjoy to the fullest and that is enough for the listening to the album is a real privilege. This is not a retro music album, it's the eternal modernity of jazz music.



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