Rockin' Live


Rockin' Johnny Burgin - guitar, vocals
Kid Andersen - guitar, piano
Aki Kumar - harmonica
Steve Dougherty - drums, vocals
Chris Matheos - bass, vocals
+ guests
Rae Gordon - vocals
Nancy Wright - sax
Charlie Musselwhite - harmónica


Johnny Burgin (USA)
Delmark Records CDDE-858

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01 You Got to Make a Change 2:48
02 Can't Make It Blues 5:40
03 She Gave Me the Slip 5:52
04 You're My Trinket 4:02
05 The Leading Brand 5:46
06 I Got to Find Me a Woman 5:50
07 Late Night Date Night 4:52
08 You Took the Bait 3:42
09 Daddy's Got the Personal Touch 5:35
10 Louisiana Walk 4:08
11 Blues Falling 4:20
12 California Blues 5:37
13 When the Bluesman Comes to Town 6:27
14 Jody's Jazz 3:54


Selected Songs 

- 7 Tracks -

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Born in Pennsylvania in 1969 and Mississippi raised, Johnny Burgin is currently one of the blues guitarists who best knows the Chicago's west-side clubs. He came to the city in 1988 and soon found himself playing five days a week by the numerous night clubs of town. His encounter with the bluesman Tail Dragger, a disciple of Howlin 'Wolf, marked the rise of his price as a guitarist, playing hand-to-hand with legends of the west-side such as Jimmy Dawkins or John Littlejohn. His first album by his own was published in 1998 and to date, he has toured Europe, Asia and Australia and has recorded eight more albums, the latest "Live" was recorded live at Redwood Café in Cotati, California, with the special guests Rae Gordon on vocals, Nancy Wright on sax and Charlie Musselwhite on hamonica. Rockin'Johnny Burgin collects in this album the witness to his entire career and gives us one of the best blues albums of the year. An imprescincible guitarist and songwriter, like this álbum


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