A rare phenomenon in music is that of John "Blues" Boyd, born in 1945 in Greenwood (MS) where as a child worked in the cotton fields and his life has always been linked to hard work, long working hours, love for his family and always a particular affinity with blues music. It was not until five years ago, in 2014, that after the passing of his beloved wife, Boyd began composing his own material and singing them in public. Given the surprising result, he joined the Little Village Foundation who helped him in his late career recording a first album in 2016 under the title of "The Real Deal". The admirable content of that work, caught the attention of Mike Zito's Gulf Coast Records that just produced this second album, under the production of Kid Andersen who also plays the guitar. It should not be another album, it's the work of an exceptional singer and songwriter who at 74 has appeared as a newcomer and to date has left two beautiful blues albums made not only with the soul but also with the heart .

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John Blues Boyd (USA)
"Through My Eyes"
Gulf Coast Records- 2019


01 In My Blood 03:26
02 My Memory, Pt. 1 01:09

03 What My Eyes Have Seen 04:52
04 I Heard The Blues Somewhere 03:59
05 On The Run 04:59
06 My Memory, Pt. 2 00:49

07 Her Name Was Dona Mae 03:29
08 My Memory, Pt. 3 01:11

09 Why Did You Take That Shot 05:38
10 My Memory, Pt. 4 01:07

11 Oh California! 03:55
12 That Singing Roofer 03:17
13 Forty Nine Years 06:05

14 I Got To Leave My Mark 04:27
15 My Memory Takes Me There 02:46


Selected Songs

- 7 Tracks -

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previous album


Produced by : kid andersen

John Blues Boyd - vocals + kid Anderson - guitar + back band

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the blues of truth

John Blues Boyd

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