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Jay Coda Walker & Pete Johnson

Listening to this album, I put my mind to play imagining a meeting between Hank Williams and Little Walter enjoying the last beer in a roadside bar between Alabama and Chicago playing together for fun. This album would be the result, country and blues, naked music direct to the soul and the heart. Jay Coda Walker sings and proclaims his undying admiration for Chris Isaak and Randy Travis while Pete Johnson does not shirk his dudes to Sonny Terry and the Chicago harmonica masters. Get ready and enjoy "Happy Hour", twelve songs performed by two extraordinary musicians, fully involved in putting American roots music on top.

Cover Jay Coda & Peter Johnson - Happy H

Jay Coda Walker & Pete Johnson (Canada)
"Happy Hour"
Self Released - 2020

Jay Coda Walker - guitar, vocals
Pete Johnson - harmonica

01. How Long Blues 5:30
02. Sweetheart of Mine 5:42
03. My Baby's Gone 5:33
04. Life By the Drop 4:16
05. Gone 4:35
06. Boot Hill 5:38
07. Blue Spanish Sky 5:11
08. Walkin' After Midnight 4:11
09. Wicked Game 6:54
10. When Memories Become Friends 5:15
11. Ya Did, Done, Do Me 5:11
12. Rocky Road Blues 4:38

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