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Cover JW-Jones - Sonic Departures (2020)

JW-Jones - guitar, vocals
Will Laurin - drums, vocals
Jacob Clarke  -upright and electric bass, vocals 
Jesse Whiteley - keyboards
13-piece horn section

01. Blue Jean Jacket
02. Same Mistakes
03. Ain’t Gonna Beg
04. Drowning On Dry Land
05. Bye Bye Love
06. Snatchin’ It Back
07. It’s Obdacious
08. The Things That I Used To Do
09. When It All Comes Down

JW-Jones (Canada)
"Sonic Departures"
Solid Blues Records - 2020

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Last winner as guitarist of the 2020 edition of the IBC awards, J-W Jones, born in Ottawa (Canada) in 1980, is currently the most interesting blues musician on the circuit. He started his record catalog when he was only 20, in 2000, and during that decade he recorded six albums all for the Northern Blues Music label - all of them also distributed in Europe by the German label CrossCut Records - and since then five more albums with the Canadian Solid Blues Records, except for the year 2014 that Blind Pig Records produced the album "Belmont Boulevard". Guitarist who takes special care of the forms, his rocking on the strings gives him a special originality in the riffs that subtly accompany the melodies, and well-harmonized solos that round off the band's work. In this eleventh album "Sonic Departures" he's accompanied by his faithful Will Laurin and Jacob Clarke, with the help of the keyboard player Jesse Whiteley, and brings together a select 13 pieces wind section that make excellent a good blues album. Without a doubt, the blues music that the future holds for us should also have to ask to J-W Jones.


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