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Ivy Ford (USA)
"Club 27"
Self Released - 2020

Cover Ivy Ford - Club 27.jpg

Ivy Ford - guitar, vocals
Willie Rauch - bass
Dave Axen - drums

01 Keep on Blues 3:18
02 Mama Didn't Raise No Fool 2:55
03 Black Sheep 4:54
04 Little Miss Little One 3:05
05 Ready 2 Die 3:35
06 Fine 4:10
07 Love in This World 3:15
08 Believe What You Heard 3:51
09 When I Met You 3:58
10 Sky's the Limit 3:42



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Native to Illinois State, Ivy Ford is a musician who shines like a star in the newcomers blues firmament. With a short career, she just turned 27, she powerfully caught the eye in her performances at the Chicago Legends in 2015 and her debut the following year at the Chicago Blues Festival. Singer, guitarist, bassist and songwriter, Ford has just released the album "Club 27" as her own tribute to the roster of heroes who died too soon at the age of twenty-seven. We all remember the names Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin, but our young lady also reminds us of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain or Robert Johnson himself. Ten original songs - no covers here - shape this concept album in which each song makes sense on his own as part of a project that brings them all together. A great idea from a woman who will surely delight us with excellent doses of good music in the future.


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