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Cover Ismo Haavisto - Hard Stompin' Blue

Ismo Haavisto (Finland)
"Hard Stompin' Blues"
Self Released - 2020

Ismo haavisto - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica, tambourine



01. Hard Stompin' Blues
02. Mama Rollin' Stone
03. Died in the War
04. The Dirty Dozen
05. Right or Wrong
06. Make My Day
07. No Good Man
08. Black Horse Blues
09. Do You Know That Man
10. Bottle up and Go
11. Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
12. Sleepin' Waltz

P     R     E     V     I     O     U     S      S   O   L   O         R     E     L     E     A     S     E     S

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From the town of Lahti in Finland, born in 1973, Ismo Haavisto is one of the most active blues musicians in Finland, he represented his country at the 2013 IBC edition in Memphis and has successfully toured several European countries in recent years. Throughout his thirty-year career on the scene, his musical pedigree has led him to record and perform in a trio, full-band, and solo format, he has released ten albums with them, but this brand new "Hard Stompin 'Blues" is the first one recorded as one man band, where he sings, plays the guitars, the harmonica and the tambourine. It's a collection of twelve songs - with only two covers - blues songs directly linked to the tradition of Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton or Skip James. Perfectly executed, Ismo Haavisto manages to take you to the Mississippi Delta without doubting his conviction and sincerity when he plays, a good example that blues music can be conceived in latitudes as cold as the Scandinavian country, without making you wrinkle your nose. I congratulate the author on this excellent blues music album without any decor.