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Hans Bollandsås

Lo-fi blues ice cube


01 The Getaway 03:32
02 The Red Bull 02:04
03 Champagne and Reefer 04:38
04 The Chinese Ball 02:24
05 I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town 02:30
06 Taxbreak 01:44
07 Anytime You Want 04:45
08 Failing to Philadelphia 02:16
09 So Sad to Be Lonesome 03:24
10 Here in Las Palmas 02:31
11 Your Cheatin`heart 05:17
12 The Kid 02:14
13 Give Me Back My Wig 05:55

Cover Hansolo - The Last Blues Album Eve

Release date: August 12, 2020


Recorded, played, mixed and produced by Hans Bollandsås
Additional musicians:
Håvard Sterten - Drums (Tracks 4,7)
Aki Kumar - Harmonica (Track 3) 
Helene Misund - vocals, percussions (Tracks 9,13)

HanSolo (Norway)
"The Last Blues Album Ever Made!"
Galactic Park - 2020

previous releases

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2017 ep

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Hans & Helene's Small Town Orchestra - "The New America" (2020)
galactic park 2.png

Hans & Helene’s Small Town Orchestra
"The New America"
Galactic Park - 2020

Hansolo - The Last Blues Album Ever Made
00:00 / 43:12
galactic park.png
hansolo 9.jpg

Born in 1980, Norwegian Hans Bollandsås made a name for himself in his country when he won the 2010  X-Factor television song contest edition. Since then he has released six albums sailing between classic rock and pop ballads, but already in his first 2011 album he made it clear that his true passion has always been blues music, including Hoochie Coochie Man and Nobody's Fault But Mine covers. In 2016 he joined forces with the US-based Indian harmonica player Ami Kumar and recorded the splendid "In Session With Ami Kumar" a whole surrender to the twelve bars and a good preview of what this brand new "The Last Blues Album Ever Made" would be. In the album Bollandsås takes over all the instruments with just the occasional help of some guest - Kumar plays on a song - as well as the entire studio production work. It's not a proposal of easy approach, but behind it hides a musician of great benefits who shows without prejudice  the blues  as his unconditional source of inspiration.


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