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Greyhound George Band

Cover Greyhound George Band - Electrifie

Greyhound George Band (Germany)
"Electrified Blues"
Self Released - 2020

Greyhound George - guitar, vocals
Wolfgang Schäfer - bass, guitar (Track 9)
Detlev Schütte - drums
Andy Grünert - harmonica (Tracks 2,4,6,7,9)

01.Please Come Back 3:32
02.Night Life 4:16
03.Nobody Wants A Bluesman 4:34
04.Jump 3:32
05.The King And I 3:34
06.Follow The Money 3:46
07.Don´t Call Me Lazy 3:48
08.Old Man´s Blues 4:49
09.Build Me A Road 4:17
10.Sweet Potato Fries 3:34
11.Down Home Girl 5:13
12.Take A Good Look Around 3:13
13.What´s Up 2:37
14.Basic Blues 4:49

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As a premise before listening to this album and this band we must prepare ourselves to discover some fantastic musicians and especially an exceptional guitarist. Greyhound George, born in the German town of Bielefeld in 1961, is not a newcomer to the music business, his experience dates back to the 90s of the last century when he began to participate in various bands around his hometown. On the year 2000 he formed his first band starting a professional career that has taken him to this day. With Greyhound Washboard Band he participate in the 2018 IBC's final, and the following year he founded his current Greyhound George Band, with the simple objective of playing the blues as he learned it as a young man. This is "Electrified Blues", electric blues without decoration, as well as a job as a guitar player of the highest level. I would dare recommend this album to my best friend.


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