Pat Fahrty - guitar, vocals
Matthew Stubbs - guitar
Chris Anzalone - drums, background vocals
Luther Dickinson - slide guitar (Track 1)
Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica (Track 1)
Dave Brophy - background vocals (Tracks 6, 7)
Matthew Prozialeck - harmonica (Track 2)

GA-20 (usa)
"Lonely Soul"
Karma Chief – KCR 12004


01 Naggin' On My Mind 2:39
02 You Know I'm Right 4:07
03 One Night Man 2:45
04 Got Love If You Want It 3:24
05 Happy Today 3:53
06 My Soul 3:00
07 Crackin' Up 3:12
08 I Feel So Good 2:45
09 Greene Boy 3:16
10 Lonely Soul 1:54

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- Full Album -

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From now when we refer to GA-20, it will not only be for the famous Gibson amplifier but also, since 2018, for the Boston band led by Matthew Stubbs and Pat Fahrty who have just released their first album "Lonely Soul" . Stubbs has been Charlie Musselwhite's guitarist for the past 15 years while keeping his band The Antiguas perfectly oiled. Together with his friend and colleague Pat Fahrty, an uncontrolled lover of blues and rock'n'roll, they carry out this band in trio format, two guitars and drums with total absence of bassist, in which they undress the sound of the of the Chicago blues of the 50's and present a fresh and convincing song list with an almost absolute prominence of the two guitars. Just released, GA-20 and their "Lonely Soul" (in which can be found the harmonica of Charlie Musselwhite himself and Luther Dickinson's guitar on the first track), are a pleasant meeting for all lovers of the best and most prolific period of electric blues in Chicago. This is an interesting band to discover because it holds very good moments in the hands of three excellent musicians. We want more.

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