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Woman Blues with Goksenin

P   R   E   V   I   O   U   S      R   E   L   E   A   S   E   S

goksenin 2012.jpg

"İkimizin Sırrı" (ALBUM)
released July 20, 2012

goksenin 2013 Single.jpg

"Dünya Ölene Kadar"
SINGLE - 2013

goksenin 2017 Single.jpg

"Ne Olursa Olsun"
SINGLE - 2017

Cover Göksenin - Women's Blues.jpg

Göksenin (Turkey) - "Women's Blues" - Self Released - 2020

Göksenin - guitar, vocals
Gürman Özbek - lead guitar
Dinçer Tugmaner - harmonica (Tracks 1,5)
Ozan Yesildal - bass
Soner Doganca - drums

goksenin 1.jpg

01 Hala Vazgecmedim 3:14
02 The Blues Is My Business 3:21
03 Me and My Chauffeur Blues 3:39
04 Don't Put Your Hands On Me 3:15
05 Cayda Cira Blues 2:54
06 Prove It On Me Blues 2:51
07 Once In A While 3:55
08 The Dream 3:24
09 Take Me Out 2:58

NOVEMBER 12, 2020

goksenin 5.jpg
goksenin 6.png

Release date: November 25, 2020

Goksenin - Women's Blues
00:00 / 29:33

A pharmacist by profession, Göksenin gave up chemistry for  rocn'n'roll. Born in Istanbul (Turkey), her instinct for music led her in 2010 along with her friend and guitarist Gürkan Özbek to form a rock band and record a first album in 2012. With blues music spinning through her head, in 2015 she threw herself fully into the spirit of Ma Rayney and performed a concert under the name "Women's Blues" and there began her true story. Now under this title she has just released her first entire album dedicated to the blues, in which she shows her devotion to the great divas of the genre such as Ma Rainey herself, Memphis Minnie or Koko Taylor with a welcoming introspective and seductive work. With a spectacular and effective voice, Göksenin tells us her own vision of the role of women in the blues and there is no doubt that this music is part of the most intimate corner of her soul.


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