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Cover Flat Five - This Is Not The Blues.

Flat Five (South Korea)
"This Is Not The Blues"
Sound Republica - 2020

Sim Seong-eun - vocals
Hong Ji-hoon - guitar
Lee Won-jae - bass
Lee Ji-ha - keyboards
Kim Jong-hyeon - drums
Han Jin-young, Kim Mi-joo, Kim Johanna - baking vocals (Track 2)

01 Sit by the river
02 Everything's gonna be alright
03 I don't know how I feel
04 I got a key
05 Wonder why I sing the blues
06 I've reached bottom
07 Let's sing the blues
08 Deep blue sea shuffle

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Young band from South Korea formed in 2017 and who have worked hard to present their first album to the world. It should not be easy in the Asian country to play blues music, and even less to carry out a project until obtaining results like this "This Is Not The Blues", recorded in Seoul and mixed in London, but these five musicians have succeeded. The result is these eight songs composed with a great predisposition, played with fidelity and generosity and sung by a female vocalist of temperament and good harmonic registers. Interesting to know about their work from a musical culture as different and distant as that of these young interlocutors.