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errol linton

Jamaican blood, blues soul

Errol Linton, harmonica, vocals
Adam Blake - guitar 
Petar Zivkovic - piano
Lance Rose - bass
Kenrick Rowe - drums
Tony Uter - percussion

Cover Errol Linton - No Entry.jpg

Errol Linton  (UK)
"No Entry"
Brassdog Records - 2020

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01 No Entry Blues 4:14
02 Fools For Love 4:10
03 Sad & Lonesome 3:40
04 Rain In Your Life 3:39
05 So Many Women 2:41
06 Excerpt From Brixton Rush Hour Boogaloo 1:07
07 Speak Easy 3:00
08 Howlin' For My Darlin' 3:22
09 Love You True 3:25
10 Got To Move 3:40
11 Big Man's Gone (I'm On My Way) 3:12

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Cover Errol Linton -  Live In London f.p


Born in the London neighborhood of Brixton, son of Jamaican immigrants, Errol Linton is a harmonica  blues player and singer with more than twenty years of profession. Reggae in the blood and blues in the soul are the DNA of this musician, but his contemporaneity is far from what it represents to be a rastafarian or a bluesman, with no pretense of imitating or even revising Sonny Boy Williamson or Prince Buster. His style is as personal as it's convincing, the sound of the harmonica is original and built in the beginnings playing on the London subway stations. His first album was released in 1998 and it was with 2011's "Mama Said" that his name became popular on the blues scene in the English capital. His sixth studio work "No Entry" has just been released, an excellent example of Linton's forms, sober and educated, intuitive  and respectful with the music he plays, which places him in the limited range reserved to the most interesting and imaginative proposals of the blues made in europe.


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