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emily h. & the blues explosion


Cover Emily H. & The Blues Explosion - E
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Emily H. & The Blues Explosion  (The Netherlands)
"Emily H. & The Blues Explosion"
Dancin' Fool Records - 2020


Emmelien Hilbers - vocals
Roland Jenster - keyboards
Martin Koch - guitar
Ruben van der Burgh - drums
Michiel Heeneman - bass


I'm A Woman (5:15)
Almost Persuaded (3:58)
Miss Celie's Blues (4:00)
Me And Bobby McGee (4:11)
I Don't Hurt Anymore (3:56)
I'd Rather Go Blind (3:32)
Voodoo Woman (4:37)
All Of Me (2:39)
Red House (4:15)
Walking By Myself (3:35)

From the Holland city of Amersfoort, the twenty-year-old young singer Emmelien Hilbers has just released her first album "Emily H. & The Blues Explosion", a collection of ten songs taken from the extensive catalog that contains the blues music songbook. From classics like "I'm A Woman", "Walking By Myself" or "Miss Celie's Blues" to ubiquitous 1960s pop-music hits like Kristofferson's  "Me And Bobby McGee" or "Red House" by Hendrix, while her devotion to Etta James is reflected in her particular approach with "I'd Rather Go Blind". Supported by a veteran band of musicians who were formerly Emily's father band, Tony Hilbers, who died in 2003, her voice rises above any other appeal, and she's presumed to be a delightful singer with a powerful and engaging vocal range. Emily is preparing to make jump to classical music as an opera singer, I don't know how far she can go, but as a blues singer we could yearn for a second album, at least as good as this one.


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