Emilio Arsuaga - Friends Of Lazy Lester

Lazy Lester Forever !

Cover Emilio Asuaga Friends Of Lazy Lest

Emilio Arsuaga (Spain)
Friends Of Lazy Lester
"Lazy Lester Forever"
Self released - 2019


Greg Izor - harmónica, vocals
Emilio Arsuaga - harmonica, vocals
Eve Monsees - guitar
Grady Pinkerton - guitar
Mike Buck - drums
Emily Gimble - keyboards
Randy Glines -  bass


01 I'm So Tired 02:31
02 They Call Me Lazy 03:22
03 Blues Stop Knocking At My Door 02:58
04 Real Combination For Love 02:50

05 Tell Me Pretty Baby 03:06
06 Jail 04:39
07 I Hear You Knocking 02:42

08 Travelling Days 03:54
09 I Love You I Need You 02:46

10 Strange Things Happen 03:38
11 Blood Stains On The Wall 03:47
12 Torras, LA, 1933 04:28

13 Thank You, So Long 03:19
14 Happy Birthday To You 00:22

P R E V I O U S   A L B U M S 

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Selected Songs

- 6 Tracks -


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Lazy LesterI'm A Man
Lazy LesterSugar Coated Love

Emilio Arsuaga is an harmonica player born in Madrid (Spain), with a visible presence in clubs in the United States. His history goes back to the beginning of 2010, in which he participates playing harmonica in several local bands, to form his first combo called King Bee and recording a single album "Po 'Boys" in 2012. Four years later, in 2016, starts a new project with "Lazy Boots" a tribute band to his maximum reference, the Louisiana harmonica legend Lazy Lester, and recording a second album "Lazy Boots". With this adventure he performed among others in the iconic Antone's of Austin, TX, and was the embryo of this third album, now under the name of Friends Of Lazy Lester, in which other musicians who had been close to the teacher and had even played with him participate in the recording. The album is all composed of Lester's songs performed with intensity and fidelity to the originals, with excellent attacks and  good individual solos, all this makes this recording a worthy tribute not only to Lazy Lester but also to Slim Harpo, Lightnin ' Slim and  all that Louisiana and Texas devilish blues music. This album really makes you sweat.

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