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eliana one woman band

Cover Eliana One Woman Band - Prision Fo

eliana one woman band (Greece)

"Prison For Human Souls"

Self Released - 2021

Release date: January 30, 2021


Eliana Nikolopoulou - guitars, african drum,washboard, tambourine, vocals
George Kollias - bass
Thanos Kollias - guitar, harmonica
Paris Matakoudis - double bass
Ignatios Karamichalis - chain, cymbals, drums, percussion


01 Intro 00:59
02 Crazy Silence 04:42
03 Business Man Way 04:40
04 The Machine 04:21
05 Free Birds (A Song About Latin America) 02:46
06 This Is The West 04:56
07 Call It A Day 04:03
08 Prison For Human Souls 04:46
09 Common People (A Song About The Mati Fire) 03:51
10 Jolly Ride 03:42
11 Mr. P 04:28
12 Dig Down Deep 02:53
13 The Key (The Refugee Song) 05:28

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Eliana One Women Band - Prision For The
00:00 / 51:39
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previous album

eliana 2017.jpg

"sweet fellow"
Self Released - 2017

Eliana Nikolopoulou is a young multi-instrumentalist from the city of Patras in Greece. Her musical instinct led her to start acting early and from 2000 she began to play in the clubs and bars of the capital Athens, until she came face to face with blues music and was seduced not only by the strictly musical content but also for all the intrinsic values ​​that African-American culture carries. Her first blues band was the acoustic duo Blues Vives with whom she traveled throughout the Hellenic territory until 2017 she created her own project which she called Eliana One Woman Band recording that same year a first album named "Sweet Fellow ". This is her second studio work in which she projects not only as a great connoisseur of country blues instruments and styles but also as an amazing singer, occasionally surrounded by a small but excellent musicians who support her on bass, guitar, harmonica and percussions.  Eliana is original, enthusiastic and above all a great performer and composer.

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