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dudu ouchen

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inner beauty

Dudu Ouchen (Spain)
Self Released - 2020


Dudu Ouchen - vocals
A. Ossorio - bass
Ekhi Arrieta - sax
Teje - keyboards
Urtzi Lee - drums
Jonjo - percussion
Asier “Kid” Gallego - guitar
L. Esteban Valcárcel - trumpet
Loren - cajón flamenco


01 Don´t forget my love
02 Blame
03 Sometimes
04 Black Rainbow
05 Midnight Soul 
06 Woman not a teen
07 Downfall
08 I´m gone

dudu 1.jpg


The inspiration unearthed from her lonely spirit /, songs with a desire to tell stories, / neo-soul prescribed with elegance and emotion /, black music with the respect that permeates commitment and devotion to roots. / Born in Bilbao, city in the north of Spain, Dudu Ouchen invites us, with her self-produced debut album "Downfall", to immerse in her personal narration full of intimate stories with her omnipresent voice, sifted with colors as elegant as sometimes suggestive, / like caught in the wind of the last sighs that Amy Winehouse left to complete in her last song. / Together with their partner bassist A. Ossorio, they have formed a duo since 2010 working hard until this album, a work of great beauty and deep inspiration. / For when the party is over and you need the music to allow you to stay awake only for the beauty and persuasion.