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Cover Dr. Will - I Want My Money Back f.

Dr. Will & The Wizards(Germany)
"I Want My Money Back"
Solid Park Records SPR-107


Dr. Will – vocals, percussion, keybords,programming,loops
Juergen Reiter – double bass
Sashmo Bibergeil – guitars, vocals
Uli Kuempfel – keyboards, banjo, mandolin
Dim Schlichter: drums, percussion, bv
Oscar Kraus - drums, bv
Wolfgang Roth - clarinet

1.Hoodoo Moon 03:56
2.High Jeopardy Thing 04:01
03.Guilty Conscience Blues 03:49
04.The Hell Outta Here 03:27
05.Rosie‘s Boudoir 03:56
06.Rosie Revisited 01:25
07.Move On 03:31
08.I‘m Running 03:59
09.Big Old Drum 03:17
10.Walking Crippled 04:04
11.The Truth Is 04:38
12.Everybody Wants A Cookie 03:36
13.High Jeopardy Thing Reprise 02:09
14.Summer Win 02:56

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Medecine man. From Munich (Germany) Dr. Will is an enigmatic man, a groundbreaking musician, a tightrope walker always in the middle of the string. In his role as a magician with the sounds, his voice resonates from the depths of his inspiration, percussions, electric guitars, organs and horns, create a spectrum of sensations that leave the listener absorbed with the final outcome. The names of Dr. John or Screamin 'Jay Hawkins - kings of voodoo - come easily to mind, but also those of Nick Cave. Kevin Coyne or Tom Waits, all of them in the background of Dr. Will, wet in the swamps of Louisiana and, with his band The Wizards, builds his own sound universe by inventing himself with the lucidity of the great crooners of pop music. "I Want My Money Back" is Dr. Will's fifth album since 2007, and it's not only his best work but it's an exceptional album.