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flowing into the blues


Dewolff (The Netherlands)
"Tascam Tapes"
Mascot Label M76061 


01 North Pole Blues
02 Blood Meridian I
05 Made It To 27
07 Let It Fly
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08 Blood Meridian II
12 Life In A Fish Tank


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Pablo van den Poel - guitar, vocals

Luka van den Poel - drums
Robin Piso - bass, keyboards
Arthur Akkermans - harmonica(Track 12)
Stefan Wolfs - pedal steel guitar (Track 4)
Indra Salima Kartodirjo - fiddle, viola (Track 11)

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01 Northpole Blues 2:00
02 Blood Meridian I 2:50
03 It Ain't Easy 3:24
04 Rain 3:08
05 Made It To 27 2:33
06 Nothing's Changing 2:01
07 Let it Fly 3:06
08 Blood Meridian II 3:07
09 Awesomeness of Love 1:45
10 Love is Such a Waste 3:33
11 Am I Losing My Mind 2:16
12 Life in a Fish Tank 2:25

Dewolff are not a blues band, although they have just released via Mascot Label "Tascam Tapes", twelve songs that immerse the listener in an intelligent, risky and committed way to write songs and play blues music in 2020. The band from Geleen (The Netherlans), direct heiress from the seventies hard-rock riffs and the american southern rock, started playing together in 2007 and their first album was published two years later that allowed them to take the road outside the country and become known among European fans. This last album - the ninth of their career- has a particular sound that goes back to the old rock'n'roll recordings of the fifties and sixties, obtained based on recording sessions in the back of the road-bus with an old Tascam cassette recorder and a sampler artifact bought for 50 euros. This is the mythical of this album, the rest an exemplary  back to the roots exercice.