Debra Power (Canada)
"That's How I Roll"
Self released - 2019

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Debra Power - piano, vocals
Russell Broom - guitar
Mike F. Little - Hammond B3
Chris Byrne - bass
Kelly Kruse - drums
Lyle Molzan - drums
Chris Brzezicki - upright bass
Mike Clark - sax
Tim Williams - guitar
Jack Semple - guitar, vocals
Joey Landreth - guitar
Steve Pineo - harmonica
Ann Vriend. Cindy McLeod, Elsie Osborne, Katie August McCullough - backing vocals


01 All Night Playing the Blues 3:08
02 Takin the High Road 4:45
03 Blue Tears 3:53
04 That's How I Roll 3:46
05 Last Time I'm Lovin You 4:19
06 If We Haven't Got Love 4:52
07 Don't Ever Leave Me 5:58
08 I'm Comin Around 3:16
09 My Grateful Song 4:36
10 Let Me Love You Tonight 5:06
11 Please Forgive Me Blues 3:17
12 Side on Sue 5:07

selected songs

- 6+ tracks - 

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Deb Marie Power is an explosive and talented pianist from Calgary (Canada) and I regrett not knowing Debra's music until this sophomore album. He began playing live in the mid 80's building a well deserved reputation that has led her to be disputed by the best Canadian musicians, and certainly with this album to be considered the best pianist blues singer in the country. After her participation in two consecutive IBC finals, from 2016 with the first recording "Even Redheads Get the Blues" under her arm, the rise has been remarkable as evidenced in this album, an incredible powerful vocals, two hands continuously challenging the piano and an impeccable original songs collection. I think I've arrived in time to enjoy this awesome piano woman.


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