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Cover Dean Rosenthal Mid America Roots &

Dean Rosenthal (USA)
"Mid-Atlantica Roots & Tides II"
Jatode Music - 2020

Dean Rosenthal - guitars, harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Jacobs - keyboards
Tom Fridrich - drums, tambourine, mandolin, vocals
Larry Melton - bass
Dave Chappell - guitar
Herb Wheatley - clarinet
Andy Hamburger - drums
Gary Wright - mandolin
Leah Weiss - fiddle

From Baltimore (MD) Dean Rosenthal is a complete musician. Far from the blues that he has played throughout his career, he now offers us this album where he equalizes all the music that along the more than forty years of career has shaped him as a musician, from roots music and jazz to pop and rock ' n'roll. This is one of those albums that sometimes goes unnoticed but when you find it show you a musician in all his greatness. Fabulous when you find out.

01 Baltimore Marilyn 2:24
02 Backwater Catcalls 3:13
03 (If You're Gonna Lie) Lay It on Thick 3:30
04 Zoot a'lors (For Damian Einstein) 1:51
05 Brown Town 5:29
06 Do I Smell Like Weed? 2:37
07 Play Me Like a Fiddle 3:53
08 Nary a Light 2:20
09 A Bridge Too Far 3:35
10 Girl from the North Country 6:27
11 Masterpiece (Live) 3:47

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