Dario Lombardo & The Blues Gang


Dario Lombardo - guitar, vocals
Andrea Scagliarini - harmonica, vocals
Giacomo Lauria - keyboards
Daniele Nesi -bass
Mario Marmugi - drums


01 Intro 0:58
02 Searchin' for Gold 3:40
03 Bring Back Your Love 3:56
04 Froglicker Blues 3:50
05 Bad Times Come 4:09
06 Ooh Pooh Poh Doo 3:11
07 Come on Please 4:49
08 War Devil's Blues 3:53
09 Strange Earrings Woman 3:30
10 Oh Darling 4:17
11 I Was Dreaming 4:48

Italy has always maintained an original and prolific blues scene. On pioneers like Fabio Treves or Rudy Rotta (who died just two years ago) and followers like Fabrizzio Poggi or Marco Mazzoli, this guitarist and singer from Torino (Italy) has established himself as one of the most renowned blues musicians in his country. After eight years with the band Model T. Boogie (1986/1994) and record five albums with them, in 1995 he founded The Blues Gang. Since then this is his fourth recording with the band, four musicians as professional as passional and Dario Lombardo a classical guitarist of fineness and incisive performance. A good album and good musicians.


Dario Lombardo

& The Blues Gang (Italy)
"War Devil's Blues"
Cluster/New Generation 2019


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