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Danielle Miraglia

blood on the blues

Release date: October 16, 2020


Danielle Miraglia - guitar, vocals
Peter Parcek - guitar viola
Laurence Scudder -  viola
Richard Rosenblatt - harmonica

Cover Danielle Miraglia - Bright Shining

01. Sounds Like Home 01:10
02. C.C. Rider 03:54
03. You’re Gonna Make MeLonesome When You Go 03:19
04. Pick Up The Gun 03:01
05. Turtle Blues 04:16
06. Famous For Nothin 04:11
07. Love Yourself 03:54
08. Meet Me In The Morning 03:31
09. When Things Go Wrong (It Hurts Me Too)03:29
10. Walkin Blues 01:37
11. Bright Shining Stars 03:38

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Danielle Miraglia (USA)
"Bright Shining Stars"
Vizztone Label - VT-DM-01

vizztone transparent.png
Danielle Miraglia - Bright Shining Stars
00:00 / 36:05

P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     R  E  L  E  A  S  E  S

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2001 (NO LINK)

2002 (NO LINK)





Boston based singer Danielle Miraglia has been singing and playing guitar for more than twenty years, solo on acoustic or with her electric band now called The Glory Junkies. She doesn't hide her attachment to the dirty rock of the Stones, the adoration for Dylan's folk or the impregnated rudeness of Janis Joplin, but neither does she avoid showing her particular reading when playing their music. "Bright Shining Stars" is her seventh album, this time totally acoustic, in which she also vindicates her idols Robert Johnson and Ma Rainey as well as pay admiration for a beautiful song written by Keb Mo and rounds it with two Dylan's b-sides from Blood On The Tracks and Joplin's classic "Turtle Blues".   Folk blues by the hand of a excited and touching woman.


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