crystal shawanda

a voice to remember


01 Church House Blues 3:32
02 Evil Memory 5:57
03 Move Me 4:56
04 Rather Be Alone 3:31
05 When It Comes To Love 4:58 
06 Hey Love 3:24
07 Blame It On The Sugar 3:19
08 Bigger Than The Blues 3:58
09 I Can't Take It2:53
10 New Orleans Is Sinking 3:59

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Crystal Shawanda - vocals
Dewayne Strobel, Tommy Stillwell - guitar
Jesse O'Brien, Peter Keys - keyboards
Stephen Hanner - harmonica
Dave Roe, Jonathan Nixon, Michael Dearing - bass
Darren James, Louis Winfield - drums
Dana Robbins, Miqui Guitierez - sax
The McCrary Sisters - background vocals 

Cover Crystal Shawanda - Church House Bl

Crystal Shawanda

"Church House Blues"
True North–748 - 2020

P   R   E   V   I   O   U   S       R   E   L   E   A   S   E   S

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Pop oriented Canadian country star Crystal Shawanda, born in 1983, after a career started in 2008 and five albums released behind her, recorded the blues album "Voodoo Woman" in 2017, introducing herself to a different audience until then, and standing out as an excellent blues singer giving herself to widely know among fans of the devil music. The success obtained with that album has led her to continue with the same progress, now with the release of "Church House Blues" in which she keep showing her enormous vocal power, perfectly adaptable to the new songs, which are nurtured not only of blues music but also of Soul, Gospel music and predominantly black music actions. Crystal Shawanda is a voice above anything else, and the listening is essential today.