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01. Cry No More (Extended Version) 08:27
02. Movin (Radio Edit) 03:39
03. Just Wanna 05:38
04. Tell Me 04:39
05. Katie’s Alone 04:35
06. Rollin Down 04:16
07. Goodbye 04:54
08. Never Have To 06:39
09. I’m a Blues Man 04:26
10. Little by Little 04:54
11. Katie’s Alone (Unplugged) 04:45


Cros - Bass and Vocals
Adriani Hernandez - guitar
Devyn Poole - drums
Rob Blaine (Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8)
Young Ace - vocals(Track 2)
Josephine Howell - vocals (Track 2)
Darek Jackson - bass (Track 3)
Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshi - piano (Track 4)
Billy Branch - harmonica(Tracks 6,9)
Nigel Mack - guitar(Track 6)
Joel Tipke - guitar(track 7)
Arturo Rodriguez - guitar (track 7)
Maurice John Vaughn - guitar(Track 10)


"Reborn Into The Blues"
Mack 9 Music Group


uploading the thrill

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Bassist and singer, CROSS has been an exceptional musician throughout his career. With payroll he has worked with big renowned musicians in the blues scene and as a soloist his card covers from soul music and R&B to the urban black sounds of the eighties. This is his first solo album, full of stellar collaborations such as Billy Branch, a recovered Maurice John Vaughan or the excellent pianist Sumiro Ariyoshi, and where he presents himself as a rigorous funky bassist who goes into his roots and plays the blues as simple as intense. Both enthusiasm and passion landscapes performed by exceptional quality musicians.