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Casey Hensley

The delicate sound of soul


Casey Hensley
"Good as Gone"
Vizztone Label VTCH-002 - 2020

Casey Hensley - vocals
Laura Chavez - guitar
Evan Caleb Yearsley - drums
Marcos C. - bass
Jonny Viau - sax
Steven Ebner - trumpet

01 Good as Gone 3:26
02 You Should Be so Lucky 5:15
03 If I Pray 3:58
04 Be My Baby (What Do You Say?) 2:29
05 Love Will Break Your Heart 4:52
06 Searching for a Man 3:30
07 What's a Woman to Do 2:35
08 Don't Want It to Stop 5:55
09 All In 2:20

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"Good as Gone" has the following ingredients: 1- The voice. Simply the best contemporary blues female singer, she has an unparalleled energeic voice, from the deepest part of her soul to the deepest part of ours. Casey Hensley, at twenty-eight, is a young prodigy still under construction, her vocal notes provoke a uncontrollable nuance eruption reaching as high as each song needs. 2- The guitar. Undoubtedly the best placed guitarist on the podium that recognizes the indispensable among contemporary blues guitarists. Laura Chavez is one of them and probably the best. 3- An exuberant blues album in the hands of real rising blues stars, which Vizztone has had the lucidity of putting in its catalog since her previous and first album "Live". Nobody stop listening to this singer, surprise anyone.

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