Echoes of Jamaica


Brushy One String (Jamaica)
"All You Need Is One, Vol.1"
RiseUp Entertainment - 2019

Cover Brushy One Strin - All You Need Is

Andrew Chin - vocals, one string guitar, guitar persussion


01 He Answered My Prayer 4:43
02 Rastaman 4:06
03 Ganja Wata 2:25
04 Home Away from Home 4:07
05 It's Me 4:20
06 Jamaica 3:19
07 Lesson in Love (Acoustic) 3:46
08 Lotto Song 2:48
09 Love Never Leave Me 4:08
10 Run Satan 3:48
11 Same Problems 2:46
12 Skin Teeth 2:49
13 Picture on the Wall 3:10
14 No Man Stop Me (feat. Casuarina) 5:08
15 Farmer Man 3:47
16 Walking Dreamer 3:26

The King Of One String

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From Kingston (Jamaica) Andrew Chin, known as Brushy One String, son of a famous rock-steady musician and a Tina Turner's backup singer, has lived on the streets playing in the most dangerous corners of the suburbs of Jamaican cities, until his luck It changed in 2007 when his song "Chicken In The Corn" was included in the soundtrack of the movie "Rise Up" by Italian-American director Luciano Biotta. His peculiar and unquestionable style of singing only with the music emitted from his guitar with one string only and the percussion of his fingers on the wood of the instrument. The subsequent documentary about his life "The King Of One String" (2013) coincided with the release of his first album "Destiny" that definitely sparked interest in his music outside of Jamaica, participating in events such as N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival in the 2015 edition. "All You Need Is One Vol 1" is his fourth album, perfect to enjoy the ideas of this particular rastafarian bluesman.

Previous Albums

Brushy One String - Destiny (2013)


Brushy One String - Live NO Jazz & Heritage Festiva (2015)


Brushy One String - No Man Stop Me (2016)


"Chicken In The Corn"

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