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Cover Bluesman Mike & tThe Blues Review

Bluesman Mike & the Blues Review Band (USA)
"Knee Deep Into These Blues"
Self Released - 2020

Bluesman Mike & The Blues Review Band -
00:00 / 54:26

Release date: September 22, 2020

Bluesman Mike anderson - bass, vocals
Sugar Bear - guitar
TJ Henry - guitar
Robert Thompson - keyboards
Donald Boles - keyboards
Bobby Nealy - keyboards
Bryan Kuban - bass
Tim Robinson - drums
Shawn Bohanna - horns 
Jijjy Vaughan - vocals (Track 6)
Bob Corritore - harmonica (Track 3)

01 I'm Good As Gone 5:11    
02 Knee Deep Into These Blues 3:42    
03 Pain 7:38    
04 The Blues All Around Me    3:47    
05 Back Door Man 4:11    
06 Evil 5:40    
07 I Shiver 4:23    
08 You Did the Crime    6:35    
09 Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home 4:13    
10 I'm a Good Man 4:11    
11 Born Under a Bad Sign 3:42    
12 I'm Broke and Hungry 3:59    
13 My New Cadillac 3:42

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From Arizona Bluesman Mike & The Blues Review Band translate the musical roots of this southwestern state into the blues. Formed in 2007 by bassist, harmonica player and singer Bluesmen Mike Anderson, they have had several line-ups since then, always with flavors of jazz and soul in their compositions and an exquisite treatment in the fusion with the blues in each of their performances. Terrific musicians, songs that tell their own personal stories and a constant beat to keep your heart alive. A hidden gem.


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