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Blau AG  (Austria)
"Koide Pizza, warms Bier"
SixtySix Records - 2020

Tommy Tatzber - guitar, vocals
Gerhard Hanzl - guitar
Doris Laaber - vocals
Manfred Unger - bass
Eugenio Iporre-Castro - drums
Helmut (Jelly) Neuber - harmonica
Alexander Wandruszka - sax

1.Jellinek 03:37
02.Koide Pizza, warms Bier 03:55
03.Auf da Dackn 03:44
04.Fuat, fuat, fuat 03:26
05.Narrisch 05:04
06.Bleib no do 03:29
07.I steh auf ihre Sockn 04:15
08.Platz zum Rian 03:21
09.Du bist was i brauch 04:08
10.S'tuat nur renga 04:05
11.Lass die Finger bei dir 03:29
12.Ned ana kennt di 03:47
13.Mir geht’s guad 03:45
14.Was soll i tuan 04:08
15.Ois hat sei End 04:31

Blau AG - Koide Pizza Warms Bier
00:00 / 58:49

In the land of the waltz, if you search, you also can find the blues land. There will be this band founded in 1995, Blau AG, a seven-piece combo to make you dance a little more crazy and faster and have fun with the most negroid rhythms of the Central European country. The songs are sung in German language as well as a local dialect, but it does not matter for neophytes, their music is universal and above all we perfectly understand the language of blues music. Exquisite musicians who present us under the song of Saffire (The Uppity Blues Women) "Koide Pizza, warms Bier" as title, fifteen fresh and fun compositions performed with skill and very good vibes. Not even the cold Viennese winter can beat this warm band. Congratulations guys!