B   I   L   L   Y    S   H   E   E   T   S

Billy Sheets
"Good Man In A World Gone" Wrong"
Big Clock Records - 2019


01 Rid Your Home of Hoo Doo 4:56
02 Fortune Tellin' Man 3:34
03 If Time Were Money 3:43
04 Don't Make Me Pay for His Mistakes 3:22
05 Safecracker 4:56
06 Case of Love 3:28
07 Move Out 2:54
08 Lord Don't Move the Mountain 3:00
09 Good Man (In a World Gone Wrong) 4:31
10 Morning Breeze 4:19
11 Don't Look Back 3:19

Selected Songs

- 6 Tracks -

B   I   L   L   Y    S   H   E   E   T   S

t    h   e         s   i   n   g   e   r         b   e   h   i   n   d         t   h   e        s  o  n  g

Cover Billy Sheets Good man In A World W

Unfortunately and astonishing little known, Billy Sheets is an incredible blues, soul and R&B singer from Los Angeles (CA) who has been present in the area's club circuits since the late 1970's and recognized as one of his most powerful vocalists with only three albums released. In 1990 Higtone Records included him in the compilation "L.A. Ya-Ya" with the song "Sit Right Here" already giving the voice of warning about the singer behind the song. "Good Man In A World Gone Wrong" is the brad new third recoding by this school teacher, eleven songs where not only the portentous and modulated voice of Sheets is protagonist but is backed by a band of excellent and trepidant musicians who have their lucid moments throughout the album . This is an album of soul, R&B and music blues without waste.



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