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Big Harp George  (USA))

"Living In The City"

BlueS Mountain Records BMR-04 - 2020

Release date: September 12, 2020

Cover Big Harp George - Living In The Ci

Big Harp George - harmonica. vocals
Amal Markus - vocals
Carlos Reyes - harmonica, violin
Kid Andersen - guitar, bass, vocals 
Little Charlie Baty - guitar
Chris Burns - keyboards
Firas Zreik – qanun
Joe Kyle - bass
June Core - drums
“D’Mar” Martin - percussion 
Michael Peloquin - tenor sax
Doug Rowan - baritone sax 
Ben Torres - baritone sax
Mike Rinta - trombone
Loay Dahbour – iiqae (arabic percussion)
Lisa Leuschner Andersen, Loralee Christensen,JamesDwayne, Walter Morgan – vocals

01 Build Myself An App 3:40
02 Smoking Tires     4:36
03 Living In The City    4:54
04 Copayment 4:40
05 Heading Out To Itaipu 6:01
06 Try Nice? 4:29
07 Bayside Bounce 4:24
08 Don't Talk! 3:35
09 First Class Muck Up 4:00
10 Chew Before You Swallow    4:42
11 Enrique    5:53
12 Pusher In A White Coat 6:30
13 Meet Me At The Fence 6:00

Big Harp George - Living In The City
00:00 / 1:08:24

P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     A  L  B  U  M  S

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"Living In The City" is one of the healthiest albums of 2020 and Big Harpe George the most energetic blues musician among contemporary harmonica players. A lawyer by profession and professor of law, George Bisharat has put his abilities at the disposal of music and the result could not be more eloquent. His four albums to date, the first was released in 2014, are a diaphanous example of modernity and lucidity in both composition and performance in blues music today. His choice of chromatic harmonica and not diatonic is the hallmark that makes this West Coast artist a polished diamond, and with this fourth album an entertainer at the peak of his creative ability. With the support of musicians of true height, "Living In The City" has surpassed the line that separates a good job from an excellent job and should be recognized not only for quality but for its conceptuality. Big Harp George will have a hard time getting over it.


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