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bette smith

rock soul funk

(nothing less)

Release date: September 25, 2020

Cover Bette Smith - The Good The Bad And

Bette Smith (USA)
"The Good The Bad And The Bette"
Ruf Records RUF-1284

RUF 103.png

Single :"I Felt It Up" (Official Video)


Bette Smith - vocals
Luther Dickinson, Jimbo Mathus, Craig Pratt, Jody Nelson, Bronson Tew, Matt Patton, Curtis J. Brewer, John McLeod - Guitars
Matt Patton - bass 
Bronson Tew - drums
Henry Westmoreland - horns
Eric Carlton - piano
Jimbo Mathus, Henry Westmoreland - organ    
Jamison Hollister - strings
Patterson Hood, Matt Patton, Bronson Tew, Schaefer Llana - background vocals


01 Fistful Of Dollars 05:13
02 Whistle Stop 04:11
03 I'm A Sinner 03:38
04 I Felt It Too 03:10
05 Signs and Wonders 04:40
06 Human 03:59
07 Song For A Friend 03:07
08 Pine Belt Blues 03:54
09 Everybody Needs Love 03:44
10 Don't Skip Out On Me 04:22

Big Legal Mess Records


Born in the eye of the hurricane in Brooklyn, Bette Smith is close to the Olympus of divas. The voice, the songwriter, the personality and the creative intelligence are on her side, the streets rock'n'roll and the suburban funk are sifted by the soul of an outstanding Bette Smith. The singer's second album, where the omnipresent guitars run through the entire album with an electrifying rhythmic orchestration and some horns and strings touches put everything in the best place. Ruf Records blesses this new star that we have to let her shine.


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