Cover Bernard Anderson - Blues For A Lon

Bernard Anderson (USA)
"Blues For A Lonely Man"
Self Released - 2019


01. Uncle Joe 4:06
02. Let's Bring Love Back Into The World 3:57
03. You're Wrong For That 4:32
04. Backyard Spread 3:48
05. Blues For A Lonely Man 5:33
06. Hate Will Destroy The World 4:04
07. Back Door Slam 4:14
08. Snake In Her Room 4:31
09. Let's Bring Love Back Into The World Instrumental 3:59
10. My Sweet Lady Jane 4:22


Full Album

Saxophonist, singer and composer, Bernard Anderson, from Oakland (CA), presents this album "Blues For A Lonely Man" produced by the versatile producer of modern jazz sounds and eclectic soul music, also from California,  Greg Crockett, who has provided all what is essential and necessary so that the music of Anderson's blues and rhythm'n'blues acquire the prominence it deserves. In front of a spectacularly good band, we can find an exquisite musician, a  saxophonist heir to the West Coast sounds of Junior Walker, Joe Houston or Louis Jordan, in a splendid form by placing ten songs that roll in an electrifying way. Blues and jumping rhythm'n'blues in pure state from the hand of one of the great contemporary saxophonists.

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